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Values - Our Guiding Force

Pioneering innovation and automation to drive the nation towards a greater tomorrow.

Your Career. Our Priority.

Upskill, stay ahead and grow through continuous learning.


ACXelerate Program

An intensive training program to enhance knowledge with a series of workshops and sessions across different departments for in-depth understanding of the business. Focus on data center specific certification. Uptime ATD and CDCP, upskilling and reskilling along with competency skill mapping.

Global Training Program

Get a chance to visit our global data centers present across 40+ unique markets as you collaborate, exchange ideas and get better with hands-on training to bring global expertise to India in data center design, build and operations. 26% of our total workforce are trained at the EdgeConneX site in Amsterdam.

Learning Café

A weekly session for employees to gain knowledge on leadership qualities and effectiveness, strategy, and latest industry and technological trends.

Grow your capabilities and enable progress !

Our Locations


Located at BKC in Mumbai, the ‘city that never sleeps’, here you’ll be at the hub of culture, entertainment and the off-beat. The lifeline of the country where you can be regaled with fascinating people, their stories and their will to achieve.


Contemporary and yet rooted in tradition, Chennai is on the rise as a metropolitan destination, growing into a vital centre of progress and opportunity. AdaniConneX Chennai 1 is located at SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri which brings with it its robust infrastructure, a young and talented workforce.


Present at an ideal location between the twin cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, this is also the AdaniConneX Corporate Office that reflects the vibrant nature of the cities, amidst a thriving cultural tradition and celebrations.


Popular as a commercial hub and known for its IT ecosystem, AdaniConneX in Noida is located at the heart of where innovation in IT happens at its bustling best.

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Pioneering innovation and automation to drive the nation towards a greater tomorrow.