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Life Growth Stories

"It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast — you also miss the sense of where you are going and why."

By Madhuri Chawhan - Head BFSI

The best part of my job:

As an old soldier in sales, being a part of a startup founded by market leaders deepens my sense of responsibility in terms of market representation. This instils a moral obligation to maintain the commitment towards the group's credibility. The favourite part of my job is to stand proudly with the brand 'AdaniConneX' and steer this extraordinary proposition in the market, leading to the industry's future milestones.

My journey with AdaniConneX:

A year has passed since I first stepped into the AdaniConneX office. I am one of those lucky members to witness the transformation of processes. I have been able to gather incredible memories during my journey till now.

The exposure of reachability to top management and collaboration within teams are the fundamental driving forces for the company.

Working with various teams:

Team-based activities by HR & Admin during various occasions bring in the vibe of a friendly environment and keep you connected to the unreachable dots within the organisation. Marketing and sales teams have gathered unforgettable memories of bonding with families and our business partners. We have the most innovative technical & backend teams, who, along with the expertise of EdgeConnex, have made us proud. And last but the most pivotal are the Gurus of the house, our leaders, who have constantly been encouraging us, making our presence felt within the AdaniConneX Parivaar (family).

Something that surprises me:

My journey of reaching this stage in my career can surely surprise people (and me). From starting my professional expedition in a small village to taking flights regularly for work-related pursuits, these twenty have been amazing.

Every year I have taken challenges, gained new learnings, met new faces on the network and sought blessings from mentors. Adapting to change and changing yourself for the betterment indeed brought many surprises in my life to mould a better version of myself. Life is a collection of changes. Take every change as a challenge. Some will give success; others act as stepping stones to success.

My success mantra:

All the right things are not always possible, and all the possible things are not always right. So, be true to both your mind and heart, then. You will never go wrong. I also think that sometimes in life, we run so fast that we don't notice anyone running with us. We see only when we fall, and they stop to pick us up. They are called FAMILY & FRIENDS!!