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"An IT veteran and devoted family man with a knack for technological innovations."

By CM Manoj Varma - Manager - Information and Technology

My work life:

It's always exciting to work with new people, meet new challenges and be with my team; they give me strength. It fills my heart with pride to be a part of an organisation that is creating a platform to secure data in India and help the country tread confidently on the road of Atmanirbharta.

My journey with ACX:

A rollercoaster ride! IT demands and requirements have tremendously soared, but I took it in stride. Challenges motivate me to keep pushing the envelope. We started from scratch in IT — a coterie of people, and now we are in the race, thriving to become the most prominent tech infra company. Isn't that super awesome?

On envisioning life:

My family is everything to me. I aspire to reach a certain level, (maybe) 10 years down the line, where I can provide my child with the life he dreams of.

A latent talent:

My imitation game is quite strong. Earlier I could mimic people; I still can do it, thanks to my years in drama. Beware, I might startle you someday!

My success mantra:

Stay as calm as dew drops, have razor-sharp focus and don't stop till you reach your destination.