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Life Growth Stories

"Learnt some of the best practices at a global level in these three years."

By Nalin Handoo - Head Hyper Scale Business

The best part of my job:

My co-workers, hands down.

They are not just great team members but are like family.

Working with some of the best minds in the industry has been a pleasure. I've been a recipient of excellent opportunities to broaden my horizons while working with people who have diverse mindsets.

I would say AdaniConneX provides a more inclusive and welcoming workplace culture where everyone's contributions are valued and equally respected.

I feel a sense of community and belonging within AdaniConneX.

My journey so far :

Absolutely fulfilling! I was one of the first few hires in the company and am glad that I could make a positive impact and contribute to scaling up the brand 'AdaniConneX'.

It has been an exciting and dynamic three years; I have learned some of the best practices at the global level, courtesy of our joint venture with EdgeConneX and grown along the way.

And I would continue to seek out new challenges and opportunities for the growth of the organisation.

My daily intake of inspiration:

I am very passionate about listening to my customers, which helps me gain valuable insights into improving our products or services and providing a better customer experience.

I love to hear their visions, challenges, and pain points. Their guidance, suggestion and feedback allow us to innovate and support them in achieving their business outcomes.

It helps us to build trust and a strong, long-lasting relationship with our customers.

My latent talent:

I enjoy cooking for myself and my loved ones and totally love hosting them for a nice meal. And I have a surprisingly impressive fandom of people who love my food and me, of course.

My success mantra:

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and soul.