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"Loves the diverse opportunities and unique culture here, along with his yoga."

By Rajendra Vijay Kolhatkar - Lead Pre-Sales - Sales and Marketing

On the environment:

AdaniConneX has its own diverse and unique culture. I have been able to explore cultures with people, living it with an authenticity that they bring to the environment.

Despite my role being technical in nature, I have been able to connect on a more human level and collaborate to achieve collective goals. Interactions between EdgeConneX and Adani’s in-house team have been a great learning experience.

On his time:

My journey started a year ago and it was really fun working within a young environment. I have learnt a lot from the leaders and colleagues which has helped me in my personal growth. With the start-up culture, the challenges we faced initially turned out to be like solving a puzzle. This gave me the opportunity to gear up and work on solutions. I also got opportunities to work in various industry verticals all across India.

On his inspiration:

Tomorrow drives me. It’s my source of inspiration. Seems far-fetched but working towards a better future for the next generation keeps me going. Even if I am able to make a little difference to the future, I would consider myself being successful. Over here, I am provided with that opportunity on a regular basis and that’s what keeps me going.

On himself:

For me, connecting with my mind, body, and soul is important. I believe that the work-life balance can be achieved with the help of yoga. Try to maintain a balance between heavy and light meals and practice yoga.

I am more of a Lone Wolf but with pack manners. I can work in a team or independently depending on the demands of each opportunity. I am also learning photography as a hobby while travelling as much as I can.

A take on life:

Start your day with Gratitude. Positivity can change anything. Regarding Health..Important Mantra is Try to Say no to packaged food.