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"A creative spark and avid reader who finds inspiration in my forms."

By Rupinder Jeet Singh - Manager - Sales and Marketing

On his time:

My journey at ACX has been enriching and exciting. It is an excellent confluence of a start-up environment with a determination to become impactful for the industry and country at large. There is right balance of work and life wherein the organization functions as a family to ensure we rightly deliver projects and services. Our management is always encouraging us to take on challenges of utmost importance, irrespective of their size.

On his source of inspiration:

Inspiration is something I draw from multiple sources. For me, friends, family, and office colleagues are definitely sources of inspiration. Also, books, both fiction and non-fiction, provide a perspective on phases of life and how to use different approaches in order to deal with situations.

On his alter ego:

I’m a person who on surface is reserved and maintains a formal approach to everything. Although, I do have a childish nature. Especially, when right catalysts are available, the child in me emerges and brings out a fun side of Rupinder. This aspect of my nature has made me forge lifelong friendships.

A take on life:

Move ahead every day, evolve, and forget that you need to arrive somewhere or conclude a journey. Aim is important but it doesn’t confirm whether I’ve become someone or not.