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Innovation that simplifies DC operations for a great customer experience

Innovation that simplifies DC operations for a great customer experience

While building data centers for our global hyperscalers and enterprise customers, our first concern is, how can we empower our customers to monitor, manage, and operate their data center assets from virtually anywhere? Customers need smart data center solutions that simplify complex tasks and that are available remotely from a single pane of glass, allowing users to manage equipment, ticketing, billing, support, scheduling, and more easily and effectively.

Understanding this, AdaniConneX introduces EdgeOS™ Data Center Information Management - a patented, award-winning tool that ensures businesses have a transparent, real-time and historical view into the health of their data center assets and support-infrastructure, all the way down to their racks. EdgeConneX brings 10+ years of experience in operating DCs around the globe.

Relying on their rich experience in working closely with global customers across more than fifty facilities worldwide, the team has, over the years, developed and fine-tuned EdgeOS™ to precisely meet the performance, functionality, accessibility, and uptime needs of many of the largest business customers in the world.

Why choose EdgeOS™?

EdgeOS™ is a state-of-the-art Data Center Operating System designed to provide users with unmatched benefits in keeping data centers operating at maximum efficiency. Perhaps the greatest advantage of EdgeOS™ is that it allows remote viewing of data, both real-time and historical, down to the rack level. Additionally, it is equipped with a proactive alerts and alarm management system that supports Data Center Uptime and Management.

The efficient scalability of EdgeOS™ lets its users monitor all their data center sites through a single, easy-to-use lens, at any given time and place. This feature is especially useful in maintaining enhanced security without lapses. This, compounded by integrated CCTV Surveillance and Access Control Systems, provides real-time and seamless intelligence on on-site personnel and their movement; EdgeOS™ also helps a user see that a cooling vent is blocked or a server light is blinking or other visual cues about their equipment – there shouldn’t be any people moving around within the areas a customer can see, unless that customer has authorized people to be there.

While EdgeOS™ can provide complex data analyses, its GUI is thoughtfully designed to maximise ease-of-use. The unified and ever ready dashboard offers parameter indices like PUE, power loads, temperature, humidity, and air quality for individual customer’s white space areas, monitoring over 1.5 million data points every 15 milliseconds. Users are sent reports, trends, analytics, events, alarm notifications via SMS, email and Android or iOS apps. Data Center specific graphics for all BMS (Environment and mechanical systems monitoring), EPMS (Energy and Power monitoring) aids in extending customer-specific web console for end customers.

EdgeOS™ is completely automated, and this makes it critically important in preventing sudden breaks or unscheduled downtime. Equipped with Incident Management System and ticketing tools, EdgeOS™ can schedule maintenance works so that the business continuity is not impacted. Entirely independent of human intervention, EdgeOS™ provides faster and most suitable responses to crises, should they arise.

With regards to timelines and schedule, we were able to plan activities in parallel. Fabrication design and actual fabrication at factory happened in parallel while we were AdaniConneX prides itself on its customer-centricity and intuitive understanding of customer needs. This is reflected in EdgeOS™’s features to help monitor and manage user tariff and power consumption billing. Each user can access their required reporting, access reports, events & alerts, in a format specifically customised for them.

By leveraging EdgeOS™, organizations can respond to any situation with greater agility and more nimbleness. Whether it is scaling, growing, or recovering, EdgeOS™ contributes enormously to the organisation’s resilience. EdgeOS™ is a proven, best-in-class application that has never been more relevant or critical to data center and IT operations than it is today.

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