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Transformation through collaboration

Technology backed by stable infrastructure has been pivotal to showcase an organization’s resiliency and readiness in any situation. This resiliency is required across all facets of an organization – people, process, and product. Some of the key trends which have reshaped the future of work post the recent pandemic include rampant adoption of automation & emerging technologies, digital business platforms and hybrid workforce deployment. To address newly presented challenges, technology leaders are accepting multiple responsibilities while aiding their organizations to transform holistically by converting risks to opportunities. It has become pertinent for a technology leader to adopt and adapt a given technology trend and mold it to meet its organization goals.

An IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) CIO study has revealed that since 2019, enterprises in India have rapidly adopted various technology platforms and services. For achieving business objectives, in addition to cloud adoption, enterprises have identified automation, 5G, AI, IoT and Cybersecurity as their top technology investments in the next three years. CIOs in India expect technology to enhance customer experience, improve process automation and drive sustainability initiatives. As per the study, CIOs in India reported an 850% increase in hybrid cloud operations maturity, followed by process automation and intelligent workflows at 536%. In line to this we see a steady rise in expansion of data center capacity in the country with an aim to double the existing capacity in the coming years.

Data centers are the epicenter for the technology rollout within organizations in today’s digital world. Their performance, efficiency and resiliency are crucial to an organization’s success. The challenge for technology heads has been to arrive at data center solutions that are cost-effective, offering value without compromising on essential features. A choice between utilizing existing space or building a new data center is common across organizations. Using an existing setup for scaling current capacity is a method often employed by organizations under the garb of cost saving, though it’s slated to only achieve short term benefits. Building your own efficient data center requires skills, planning and capital. Leveraging an existing data center facility which is strategically located and designed to meet highest standards of safety, resiliency & uptime is a sagacious choice for an organization investing into technology.

Data centers are home to technology resources such as AI & high-performance computing platforms, distributed community cloud setups, SaaS solutions, advanced connectivity architectures, unified storage services amongst others. Everything an organization requires to design, build and execute their digital roadmap is co-located, cloudified or containerized in a data center operating 24X7X365 in a highly available and secure form.

Organizations for a successful digital technology adoption require minimization of deployment & operations complexities and improved security posture, portability & interoperability across hybrid environments. Also, it is pertinent for an organization today to collaborate across functions and seamlessly integrate technology. Effective instead of selective collaboration between CIOs and CTOs will ultimately lead to delivering greater business value. Enterprises today look at technology providers as responsible partners to fast-track technology adoption and achieve business goals.

Technology partners offer a plethora of services to enterprises to fast track their digital journey. AdaniConneX believes that collaboration is the key to growth in today’s age hence it’s data center and technology prowess jointly with focus areas of enterprises and Govt. departments can bring the required value to the industry at large. AdaniConneX as a technology services provider aims to collaborate with enterprises at large to bring use case specific solutions pertaining to their own domain providing necessary scale and ease of service adoption.

At AdaniConneX, we are offering custom solution that enables growth for the customers in their IT infrastructure demand cycle.

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